Farewell to Mythbusters

Yesterday marked the series finale of Discovery Channel’s long-running, successful series Mythbusters hosted by Jamie Hyneman & Adam Savage. Jamie & Adam brought over thirty-years of special effects experience to the show and along with co-hosts Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara, made Mythbusters a top-rated show and huge fan favorite. Mythbusters made science fun again putting myths to the test and proving those myths were confirmed, plausible or busted. Even after busting a myth, the hosts took it one step further to reproduce the myth’s results.

The series finale episode was filled with explosions, Buster’s last ride, carnage and destruction in classic Mythbusters-style, each stepping it up a notch until the final explosion – a revisit of the exploding cement truck. Throughout the finale episode, the fans and show hosts got a chance to take a look down memory lane . . . fourteen incredibly amazing years.

Immediately following the finale was the Mythbusters Reunion Special reuniting Jamie and Adam with fellow co-hosts Tory, Kari and Grant who spent the episode reminiscing about the fourteen year run, their favorite and least favorite episodes, what they learned, what they took away from the show, extending thanks to one another, the crew and all the fans.

Thank you Jamie, Adam, Tory, Kari, Grant & the entire team/crew of Mythbusters for 14 incredible, mythbusting years! We will miss the show dearly!!!

BTW: Although the series finale episode did air last night, there’s one un-aired episode of Mythbusters due to air tonight on Discovery’s Science Channel called “Duct Tape: The Return”. Check your local listings. It’s also worth noting that Mythbusters episodes will continue to air on Discovery’s Science Channel for the foreseeable future.