Playing with Apple’s GarageBand

Ever wanted to create your own music but didn’t quite have the requisite skills? Whether you write or compose music, play an instrument or sing, it requires a level of skill. For some of us, that skill comes naturally and for others not so much. Granted, even professionals will need to work to hone and fine tune their skills but as professionals, those individuals are committed to follow that career path (and the steps needed to succeed in that career) and like any other profession, if you want to get better at it, you need to put in the time, work, dedication & practice.

For those of us who don’t have plans to pursue a music career, we can still invoke our creativity and imagination in music far beyond simply dreaming. We can create our own music through Apple’s GarageBand. GarageBand is a pretty powerful music creation application and is available free with new Macs and iOS devices. You can also purchase it for compatible devices via the App Store. While amateur, up and coming and professional musicians can connect their instruments to GarageBand or utilize the software instruments within GarageBand to create music, non-musicians without the requisite skills can also create music.

GarageBand comes with smart instruments with auto-play controls. These smart instruments & controls create a preset series of harmonious chords that when arranged can create some fantastic musical pieces. In addition, Apple includes a collection of royalty-free music loops that you can use to incorporate into your musical pieces to create extraordinary masterpieces. Whether you use the smart instruments and auto-play controls alone, the Apple music loops alone or mix and match, you can create a variety of musical pieces that will absolutely amaze.

Now creating these musical pieces will not make you the next John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith or Murray Gold nor get you a Gold, Platinum or Diamond rating from the RIAA, BUT, hopefully, it will give you an opportunity to kick your creativity and imagination into high gear and be a learning/educational experience. Have fun creating your masterpieces!