Kick Start Your Mornings . . . with Elvis Duran & The Morning Show!

Like a lot of people, it’s hard during the work week to really convince yourself to get out of bed in the morning. I mean, if you truly love your job (and I do mean LOVE), you’ll probably be up an at ’em first thing in the morning and off to work full of sunshine and all that bright and energetic stuff. However, if you’re not, you probably need something to kick start your mornings. Now, I don’t mean having your morning cup of coffee, Red Bull or whatever else you eat or drink to get started in the AM nor do I mean your morning newspaper etc. I mean something that REALLY gets you going. For me, it’s been Elvis Duran and The Morning Show on Z100. The personalities on the show are just fantastic. There’s a true sense of family and comradery. The environment seems fun, energetic and exciting and every morning is filled with laughter, joy, and hilarious moments. Of course, there’s also plenty of music, interesting and strange topics, the Elvis Duran phone taps, contests, on-air games, plenty of celebrities & guests and much more. I give a lot of credit to the team on the show Elvis, Danielle, Bethany, Greg T, Skeery, Froggy, David Brody, Garrett, Web Girl Kathleen, Straight Nate, Sam and everyone else . . . Without you, I would be struggling in the mornings but you give me just what I need to kick start my mornings. Just a quick shout out to Carla Marie & Anthony, formerly on Elvis Duran and The Morning Show. They moved to Seattle earlier in the year to start their own show (Seattle’s Power 93.3 Morning Show). Elvis and the gang got to check in with Carla Marie over the phone on this morning’s show. Thanks to everyone on Elvis Duran and The Morning Show for making the work week mornings just a little bit easier!!!

If you’ve never listened to the show, check it out on Z100 in the mornings from 6am to 10am ET or listen to them on iHeartRadio at or via the iHeartRadio app on your mobile devices & tablets. Also, check out the website at

Here’s an Elvis Duran Show web exclusive that was posted to YouTube some months back . . . it will give you a sense of the energy on the show. Check it out!