Where have all the jingles gone?

What are TV commercials? Advertising, advertising, advertising. It’s a huge industry and business. Stations and networks sell airtime to media companies, media companies facilitate buys for agencies, agencies create campaigns and spots for their principal clients to run on that airtime and clients get to promote their products/services & raise brand awareness to consumers in hopes of boosting sales and increasing their revenue.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s get into the REAL important conversation . . . Where have all the great jingles gone? During the ’80s and ’90s, there were some really great jingles. Three in particular come to mind: Coca Cola’s You Can’t Beat The Real Thing, Mentos’ The Freshmaker and Folger’s The Best Part of Waking Up.

These commercials were quite interesting but the jingles, the tunes stayed with you long after the commercial had passed. These were truly memorable. If you search YouTube, you can probably find some of the classics I’m talking about. You certainly can’t miss those funny Mentos commercials. In each commercial, a principal actor encounters some situation that needs a clever, quick MacGyver-like solution. The actor pulls out the Mentos stick, pops a Mentos into his or her mouth and suddenly, we have a solution to the problem. Quite a few funny Mentos commercials.

Coca Cola’s You Can’t Beat The Real Thing was another catchy tune. There was a version for Coca Cola and another for Coca Cola Classic. I personally liked the Coca Cola Classic version better. The “Classic” just sounded right. Likewise, Folger’s had a great tune (and from time to time you may see some rendition of it pop up on the airwaves).

Perhaps those were different times and the industry and the tastes of consumers has changed. By no means am I saying that a commercial without a cool jingle isn’t great (I like the new Toyota Prius commercial where four guys use the new Prius as a getaway car or future Liam Neeson talking to his present self in the LG OLED TV commercial or even Steve Harvey continuing to poke fun at himself in a T-Mobile commercial after the snafu of the Miss Universe pageant) but I do miss hearing some of those great memorable tunes which certainly raised brand awareness and stuck with you for the long run.

By the way, I do enjoy those Dos Equis commercials with The Most Interesting Man in the World!