Playing with Apple’s GarageBand – Part II

In one of our earlier posts, we talked about Apple’s GarageBand and how this powerful music creation app could be used to create fantastic pieces of music whether you’re a novice, intermediate or professional musician. In addition, by tapping into the available smart instruments and auto-play controls along with the included royalty-free Apple music loops, a non-musician could potentially create some truly amazing tracks.

Well this sounded like a lot of fun so rather than just talking about what a non-musician could create, we decided to step up to the plate, tap into our inner creative abilities, learn to use GarageBand, its built-in smart instruments and royalty-free Apple music loops then experiment and try to create a nice sounding track. One of the cool tracks that came out of this was “Countdown”.

“Countdown” was created, edited, arranged and produced entirely in Apple’s GarageBand. The original, unedited raw cut along with the edited arrangement were done in GarageBand for iOS on an iPad. We found that creating, arranging and editing seemed a lot simpler & easier on the iPad than on the Mac. However, the final edited version was done in GarageBand for Mac. We found certain features (like fading out at the end of the track) were only available on the Mac version and not on the iPad version. The track incorporates an arrangement of royalty-free Apple music loops and smart instruments to create an incredible sounding cinematic track.

It was quite fun putting GarageBand to the test, learning how to create and edit the arrangements within GarageBand and really tapping into the creativity within ourselves to create a piece of music that actually sounded good. We’re really excited about this track and we hope you enjoy it as well. Perhaps after reading this post and hearing the track, you’ll want to take a crack at it and create your own masterpiece. Be creative and have fun with GarageBand!

Check out “Countdown” now:


By the way, we’re not done yet. We’re putting together more tracks and will be posting them up soon. Stay tuned!