Music – An Integral Part of Our Lives

It’s incredible how music can impact our daily lives. Whether you’re listening to music on the radio, streaming it on your computer, playing it on your mobile device or watching a live performance, music is a substantial, integral part of each and every one of our lives. Each song can have a unique impact and leave a different impression or mark on us and the same song can produce a different result and leave a completely different impression or mark among different people.

Whether a song has lyrics or not does not change the fact that the rhythm, the beat, the melody of the song itself can still affect us in a variety of ways. However, we can’t ignore the fact that lyrics to a song do have a unique impact as well. Those lyrics tell a story which we can relate to, connect with and understand and therefore, they can produce emotions and feelings which penetrate deep down into our core and take us on a journey of reflection, remembrance and concentrated, deep thought.

Our taste in music may change frequently based on our mood or state as well as conditions around us. If we are feeling down, we may choose to listen to songs which complement those feelings (ex: we listen to sad songs) or we may take a completely opposite approach and choose to listen to songs that are more upbeat and that will help to boost our spirits. If we’re at a summer beach party, we may want to listen to songs that have a dance beat and/or carry a party theme whereas if we’re at a winter festival, we may choose music which is more suitable for the occasion.

Music is a companion and a close-knit friend that joins us on our daily journey . . . the journey of life. Music helps to keep us grounded . . .  it helps to inspire us . . . it helps to support us on our good and bad days . . . it helps us express ourselves, our feelings & emotions when normal words won’t suffice . . . it helps to unite us on common ground. Music gives us a platform for which to communicate, share ideas, thoughts and feelings and so much more. Music is and should continue to be an important & integral part of our lives!